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We are passionate about our profession, quality and innovation. Always putting patient first and taking care of you like we would for our own family. We want your dental experience to be as comfortable as possible.

At Rockland Dental Centre in Rockland, our office has become our patient’s dental “home”. We strive to make them feel welcome and comfortable with each visit. Rockland Dental Centre`s comprehensive care philosophy is to maintain and provide each person with the best, up to date and most personalized dental care available. We are dedicated to providing top quality service in Rockland and ensure complete satisfaction at all times. Our success is measured by our patient’s willingness to recommend Rockland Dental Centre`s care to their friends and family.

Our services cover the full range of dental services, from periodontal therapy dental care to root canals, implants, crowns, bridges, all types of fillings and tooth whitening, to mention just a few. Rockland Dental Centre also provides sedation dentistry for those who desire it.

Our extended hours are provided to accommodate the schedules of shift workers and students, as well as everyday professionals. Call Rockland Dental Centre at (613) 714-9696 to book an appointment.

It’s our hope that you will find the dental procedures and oral care methods discussed on our website, helpful and enlightening.

Dr. Florenta Gimurtu

Dr. Florenta Gimurtu obtained her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from University of Montreal in 2008.

Always on the lookout for new technologies, advancements and innovations in dentistry, Dr. Gimurtu continually updates and broadens her skills through professional development courses. She took an intensive course in Implant Dentistry offered by dr. Mark Lin at TIDE(Toronto Institute for Dental Excellence). She currently does implant placement and implant restoration.

Dr. Gimurtu is a caring dentist who provides high-quality professional services to her patients to help them reach their goals.

“For me, being a dentist isn’t just a job. Our actions reflect who we are, and my work does exactly that. […] My practice is centred on looking after my patients’ wellbeing and communicating with them is very important. I’m grateful for the confidence they’ve placed in me.”

Dr. Gimurtu was part of the Dental Medicine Team In Oncology at Gatineau Hospital, where she helped patients with head and neck cancers (ENT). In 2015, she gave a presentation on oral cancer at the 2nd Annual Outaouais Dental Conference.

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