Will you bill my dental insurance provider directly?

Yes, we do. If your dental insurance provides us with a written answer saying that the provider will be refunded, we will only take the co-payment, if you have one.

What do I do if I have secondary dental insurance?

We will gladly fill the second dental insurance form for you, but you will be responsible to pay that portion and the second dental insurance provider will refund you directly.

What if my dental insurance does not cover a dental procedure?

We will always do our best to provide you with prices and estimates, you are responsible to know what your dental insurance covers. If you are not sure, we can do our best to help you.

Do you charge a cancellation fee if I cancel my dentist appointment?

We ask that you provide us with a notice of 48 hours if you have to reschedule your dentist appointment. We understand that schedules change and we will work hard to reserve time for you.

What to expect after a dental procedure.

After a dental filling: You can expect to be numb for an hour or so after a filling. You can experience some soreness in this area of the injection. It is recommended that you do not chew until the numbing has worn off to avoid biting yourself. It could be normal to experience some sensitivity to hot and cold food on the area we’ve worked on, as long as those symptoms are getting better with time. If you feel pain when you chew on the tooth that was filled, it could just mean that you need an adjustment and you can call the office and we will see you to adjust your tooth, it only takes a few minutes.

After a teeth cleaning: You can expect some sensitivity to temperature after a deep cleaning. When we remove calculus, and get your gums back to healthy stage, often the tooth has more root showing and could be temporary sensitive to cold. We recommend using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The situation will get better with time.

After a dental extraction: You can expect to be numb for a few hours after an extraction. Bleeding, some swelling, and some discomfort are normal. The doctor will review with you what to expect after your dental procedure and prescribe medication if necessary. If you are unsure about a symptom you have, call our office.

After a root canal: You can expect some temporary discomfort and sensitivity to chewing. It is important to follow the instruction given to your after the root canal. The standard of care for root canal tooth is a crown. The root canal is non-vital and can become brittle and break easily if not protected.

After a crown preparation: You can expect your jaw to be tired. A crown takes some time and you may have kept your mouth open for a longer time than usual. A temporary crown will be cemented with temporary cement. That crown will have the same shape as your original tooth. The shade might not be exact but this will be all corrected with the permanent crown. Make sure you pull the floss from the side when you clean your tooth so that the temporary crown doesn’t come off. Avoid Bubble gum and sticky food as this may loosen your temporary crown. If it comes off before your scheduled apt and you do not have pain other than little sensitivity to cold, you can leave it as is. If you are unsure, please call us

After a new denture/partial: You can expect some area of soreness. It is important to wear it and come back for adjustments. Sometimes, you might feel like it is unstable when you eat and that could most likely be fixed with adjusting the occlusion. We expect to see you for adjustments, as on average every new denture/partial requires 3 adjustments

After orthodontic appliance insertion: You can expect some excessive saliva for the first few days. Your tongue will get used to it. Speaking might also be a little harder, you can practice reading out loud and correcting yourself. Eating might also be a bit challenging at the beginning, so we suggest you cut your food and use small bites. Within a few days, you will become a pro and feel very comfortable with your appliance. Remember to wear it all the time!

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