Dr. Florenta Gimurtu trusts that everyone can play an important role and positively influence the quality of life of individuals in their community. It is sometimes enough that simple gestures are made at the right time so that, little by little, remarkable results are obtained in the long term.

One of the major priorities of the Rockland Dental Centre team, due to its everyday working philosophy, is to ensure good information to the community on the basic principles of good dental hygiene, which can greatly improve the everyday life of everyone.

With this in mind, Dr. Florenta Gimurtu believes that good habits are easier to learn if the right actions are done consistently from a tender age.

To mark the Dental Health Month, Dr. Florenta Gimurtu of the Rockland Dental Centre went this week, as part of the "Brush-o-mania" program, to meet more than 400 students from the l’Ecole Elémentaire Catholique Sainte-Trinité in Rockland. Each student received a toothbrush and a Colgate fluoride toothpaste.

The meeting was enriching for both the students and the doctor. The questions and interest of young students about the various aspects unveiled by Dr. Florenta Gimurtu through a lively and funny presentation have shown that the issues of good dental hygiene are taken seriously by students.

This has shown Dr. Florenta Gimurtu that her efforts are already bearing fruit. After all, your daily actions, applying the dental hygiene rules presented by Dr. Florenta Gimurtu, will help our team ensure a healthy smile for your entire life.

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